Origami Crane Earrings #ER07
Wisteria_Light Green

Approx. 35 mm (1.4 inches) down and each bird has a wing-span of 30 mm (1.20 inches).
Parts colour:
Coated Yusen washi paper

Handcrafted, made in Japan

The crane is one of the most well-known origami figures. The crane symbolizes good luck and peace. We wish for both to be ever-constant in your life. These origami crane earrings, perfect accessories for your kimono, obi, haori or any Western clothing, are handmade by Kimono Source. The paper is folded eighteen times for these special earrings. Because of the small size of the figures used for the origami earrings, needles are used for precise folds. The origami figures are coated with shellac to make them water-resistant and more durable. It takes about one to two hours to craft a single pair of earrings.