Japanese Creative Kokeshi Doll, Awarded,
Sunset Crane_19cm #MK01




Dimension: Approx. 19 cm (7.5 inches) tall, 300g
New in an original box , by Kunio Miyakawa
Made in Japan

This is a creative Kokeshi doll who wears gorgeous red kimono with a golden sunset and two cranes motif. Beautiful and delicate carving on cranes and the Sun.
The gradation of red and black colour is elegant and aesthetic.

About artist: Kunio Miyakawa
He was bone in 1933 in Gunma prefecture. He has got a lot of awards, including the first prize of Prime minister award twice. Now his son Yuichi make Kokeshi dolls and also he got prim minister prize in 1995. Their Kokeshi dolls have delicate carvings and paintings, and also have calm, gentle and elegant faces.