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-Yuzen Kimono Shell Pendants -

Very unique Japanese pendants which are based with MOP shell and covered with traditional Japanese Washi paper.
These have a Kimono Chirimen bead on the top of pendant and easy and comfortable adjustable cotton cords. Will be great gifts for your special person. Each pendant will be in a silk kimono pendant's bag.


Pendant: W 40 x L 60 mm (1.6 x 2.35 inches)
All rectangle pendants will be changed to new shape.
Items will be shipped within 4-5 days after your order. Some pendants design pattern will be very similar with the photos but not exactly same.

NOTE: The bead on the top will be changed to a Kimono chirimen bead instead of gem stone. Aslo the corner of rectangle shape is a slightly round. Only mocha beige wax cord is available (Please see the sample on the right).

Price: Please ask us (in a Kimono pendant bag)

example of pendant bags