Japanese Door Curtain / Tapestry "Noren" 90cm
Lucky seven owls Transparency #NR48




Diamantion: W 85cm (33.5 inches), H 90 cm (35.4 inches)
New, Made in Japan
Material: 100% Polyester, Light to medium weight
Colour: light beige
Note: This is one panel. There is a cutting line in the middle. You can cut it without running. A rod does not include.

This is a short type of Japanese tapestry / door curtain called 'Noren'. A high quality and safe fire-proofed curtain which is made in Japan. There is a loop on the top of Noren for a rod.

There is a lucky motif of seven owls with seethrough. Lovely and cute!
Wish this noren brings you a lot of happiness.

It would be great idea to hang on the wall, door or window in your house.
Enjoy Japanese feeling.