Our showroom close to Ponte Vecchio -フィレンツェ自宅ショールーム


My apartment is in city center, close to Ponte Vecchio, just 5 minutes on foot. It is located in the middle of the beautiful hill. I set up the showroom in my living room after the crafts show which held in May in Florence. It is convenient to visit us, many tourists spots is close here, such us Palazzo Pitti, Boboli, Forte di Belvedere, Piazzale Michelangelo. Please make an appointment by email, when visit us. Any special orders, also we can accept it. There is our workshop in this house. Welcome to our showroom and workshop. Please feel free to contact us.

tago design firenze showroom

2 comments on “Our showroom close to Ponte Vecchio -フィレンツェ自宅ショールーム

  1. oh such nice items. glad you have a nice showroom.. naomii does such gorgeous work-

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