Pitti Uomo 2018 June started ! / フィレンツェで恒例のPitti Uomo ファションイベント始まりました

昨日から年に2回開催される世界的にも有名なファッションイベントがPitti Uomoがフィレンツェで始まりました。業者向けの見本市なのでチケットを買うときに登録など少し面倒なのですが、3日間の通し券をゲットしていざ中へ。この場所は4月に私たちも手づくり見本市をやったFortezza da Basso. なんだかついこの間のことなんですが、懐かしく思いつつ入ってみたら、すごい、全然違う!ブースやディスプレイなどお金の掛け方が違う!さすがModaの国イタリア。全部見るには会場が広過ぎて1日だと見きれない。日本の企業やバイヤーの多いこと。びっくりしました。いつかここにブースを構える日が…なーんて夢をみたり(笑)いろいろな人と話ができ、また新しい繋がりができて今後に繋がればいいなと思います。

From yesterday one of the biggest fashion event “Pitti Uomo” started in Florence. This event is for companies so I had to register some if my information of my business when I buy the ticket. But so excited to see the show, it is first time for me. This place is the same place we held handmade crafts show in April, Fortezza da Basso. It is very different booths and displays, Gorgeous and cool ! it seems different place. Of cause this is the big event in the world so they spent huge money for this. It is too big to see everything one day, so I will go also tomorrow. But I was surprised that there are many Japanese companies and buyers. I wish one day I can have my stand tago design here in the future (hahaha…) I talk many people today in the event and I hope this connection will keep in the future.

Information of Pitti Uomo http://www.pittimmagine.com/corporate/fairs.html


Pitti Uomo 2018 June in Florance

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