New Boston bag for autumn & winter Limited / New! 秋冬限定ボストンバッグ



These are new boston bags which are made out of Italian leather and fabric for autumn and winter. High quality of material, made in Italy. The material is limited. These will be shown in the crafts events in September and october 2018 in Japan. But if you are interested in some, please contact me. I can make one for you when I come back to Italy.

    • *2018年9月29日(土)ー30日(日)サムカゼクラフト(秋田市天王グリーンランド)
    • *2018年10月7日(日)ー8日(月・祝)土澤アートクラフトフェア((岩手県花巻市)
    • *2018年10月13日(土)ー14日(日)秋彩こみち(秋田県角館市) 

      Made in Italy, with genuine leather and italian fabric
      Tweed wool Boston bag with diamond by tagodesign (black and brown)
      tweed wool Boston bag with flower in gray by tagodesign, Limited

      tweed wool Boston bag with diamond by tagodesign

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