Tago Design Firenze – Japan, we are base in Florence, Italy and in Akita, Japan.
tago design was set up 2005 in Sydney Australia when shop owner Naomi was study abroad in Australia, started from weekend market in Sydney. After she came back to Japan, she made hand bags and accessories with Japanese materials, kimono fabrics, washi paper, and sold on online and crafts events in Japan.
In 2014 she moved to Italy in order to study at “scuola del cuoio” in Florence. After that, she set up the workshop in city center of Florence in 2017. At the moment, items are selling on Etsy (online shop) or in some events Japan and Italy.
Our long experience and high skills, making each products with a lot of care by hand. They are not mass products. That’s why we can not selling with low prices but our customers understand and loved our products for long time. Thank you for the respects for our work and products. We are happy to continue our creativity worldwide.

tago design (タゴデザイン)は店主のナオミがオーストラリアのシドニーに留学していた頃、2005年に週末のマーケットから始まりました。主に日本の生地や着物地で作ったバッグやポーチ、そして和紙で作ったアクセサリーがメインの商品で、その後日本に帰国してからはインターネットでの販売や、イベントなどでの販売で約10年の実績があります。デザインから制作まですべて自社制作です。